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"Orange Panels"
Size:1300mm(h) x 650mm(w) each

This group of orange panels is made up of test panels and some commissioned pieces. In all cases the brief was to be as bright as possible, using the colours of orange and green.

Spray guns and industrial enamel were used throughout. The designs were built up in layers, spraying several different colours one on top of the other. By allowing the sprayed enamel to dry, the shapes could be produced by carving into the enamel with cotton wool and rags. There were firings between each application of enamel, with the panels having six firings in total.

My original design idea was to investigate the appearance of three-dimensional abstract shapes in space, but I found the effect so strong that I had to finish off with two-dimensional abstract shapes, just to calm things down. The strength of the edges became an issue, which necessitated decisions about when they should be strong and when fuzzy. In the very top layers, I found myself just using the enamel freely, as it sprayed out of the gun. Different effects were achieved by controlling the thickness or thinness of the spray and the large shapes which free spraying produced unified the underlying layers of the design.


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