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The theme of the Help The Aged Garden in the 1998 Chelsea Flower Show is 'Stage For Age'. This commemorates the work done by celebrities who over the years have raised funds in support of Help The Aged. The garden design itself is based on a theatre set, with the enamelled panels representing the 'flats' which provide the background for the production.

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"Stage for Age" Garden
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 Within this general theme, the 'Stage For Age' garden is divided into three areas. The first, nearest the entrance of the garden, is based on the idea of 'Mime', the second is concerned with 'Words' and the third area focuses on the subject of 'Movement'. All three themes are connected with aspects of theatre performances.

Because they are providing the background to the flowers, the main actors in the garden, the art work on the enamelled panels treats the three subjects, 'Mime', 'Words', and 'Movement', in an abstract fashion. The thinking behind the abstract designs are as follows:

  • Mime - Sensuous evolving forms in motion are seen against a simple background.

  • Word - Indications of letter forms are set in shapes which have evolved from logical thinking. Background colours represent the emotions and cultural contributions to language.

  • Motion- Strong forms tumble through space, indicating that body movements are the fundamental tools of expression.

Although displayed individually in the Stage For Age garden, the panels in each of the three sections also can be grouped together to form a single piece. Prices are in the region of 500 per panel.
For further information, contact:

Pat Johnson
51 Webb's Road
London SW11 6RX
Tel. 0171 228 0011

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