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Depictions of birds and animals by people who live in cities and eat farmed food is necessarily different from the wonderful animal images created by artists in primitive cultures. We do not have a life or death relationship with these creatures, a passion for those whose bodies ensure our survival, and the strong emotions aroused when they are killed for food. Instead our appreciation of birds and animals centers mainly on their appearance, their physical beauty.

Because of this, contemporary art based on bird and animal images are often very one-dimensional because beauty alone cannot tell us enough. But what can we say about or through, say, birds? It is for each individual to work out the message. In the case of the above picture, the idea is to use an image of flight to depict force, speed and purpose, elements very familiar to people in the 20th century. The stripes stand for time and space, through which the bird is passing. But the way it feels to move is also expressed, otherwise an image of an airplane could have sufficed. The small wings stand for the sense of confinement in city living.


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