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Working with Burnham Signs

All the large scale works shown on this web site were enamelled and fired at Burnham Signs, a signage company located in a district of southeast London, UK. Burnhams welcomes artists with commissions and those who wish to learn the techniques of large scale enamelling. I periodically run week long courses for beginners at the factory which cover all aspects of large scale enamalling, including the use of spray guns and industrial enamel. If individual artists have a commission and need some advice about how to proceed, I will be pleased to assist them in the early stages.



The pictures on this page show various processes in the production of a large scale enamelled panel or mural.

In the 'Drawing' illustration, the design is being sketched out on the panels with a water based felttipped pen. These marks can be erased and redrawn until the composition is correct.



'Sifting' shows jewellery enamel being dropped on to a large panel which has previously been sprayed with a dilute coating of wallpaper paste. The paste holds the grains of enamel in place. Newspaper stencils have been laid on to the surface of the panels.

In the 'Spraying' image, the application of liquid industrial enamel can be seen.

'Loading' is a picture of the the work produced by one of the classes being loaded on the large flatbed trivet, which run on rails.

In the final image, 'Firing', the panels can be seen being wound into the furnace by the enamel shop foreman.



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