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Enamelling bowls, especially copper bowls, brings out the best in the colours. A certain amount of sliding is inevitable and it is the sliding itself which thins out the layers of glass and develops the transparent glass effects to perfection. In the case of copper bowls, there is often an interaction between the enamel and the metal beneath, creating a colour which is unachievable in any other medium.

The Bowls
Jewelery Enamel on Copper

Often it is best to start out with an opaque enamel base coat, using almost any of the colours except the reds, oranges and yellows. This is then covered with a transparent colour or a clear flux. When the piece is subsequently fired to a glowing orange, the two enamels will interact with each other and and also with the metal below as they begin to slide down the slope of the bowl. The resulting range of rich colours is an unending delight.

Bowl 2Bowl 3

Bowl 1


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