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 When the enamelled work is removed from the kiln, it should ideally be left to cool on a heat proof surface for about ten minutes, depending on the size; at least few minutes must pass before a fired piece can be lifted from a trivet. This is especially the case when the firing has been high or long and some of the backing enamel has flowed over on to the edges of the trivet, fusing the enamelled copper and the trivet together. |n these circumstances the work will be left with huge marks in the enamel if it is parted from the trivet too soon, whereas almost always the two pieces will pop apart by themselves when they have cooled down.

To get a design/picture going, several layers of enamels have to be applied in order to make a background. After the first opaque or flux layer has been applied, two or more transparent enamels are usually sifted on and fired, overlapping for a pleasant effect. For best results, apply a layer of flux on top of an opaque base coat before firing on transparent colours. This will prevent the base coat bubbling through. Reminder: light transparents will not show up over colours darker than themselves.

Once the appearance of the background is established, work on the images can begin.

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