Pat Johnson Enamels


Size 770mm(h) x 1060mm(w)

Using jewellery enamel on steel, it is quite easy to created effective abstract designs with very subtle colour gradations and layering. Several different colours of enamel can be sifted on to an area, held in place by sprayed dilute wallpaper paste, and then that area can be covered with newspaper and more colours applied over the top. The result is the appearance of one plane of colour sliding under another. After drying the enamels and firing the panel, the technique can be repeated, the newspaper stencil being cut to produce a shape which fits the emerging composition. This design of this particular mural simply developed as the enamelling progressed, with each layer being a response to the effects of the enamels below.


2 Colors Flying Galaxy Orange Abstract Palms Leaves Water Snail Soup Still Life Untitled Art Garden Bowls Osram Fruit Deer Nudes

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