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"Composition in Two Colours"
Jewelery enamel on steel - 2.3M (h) x 2.8M (w)

In the mural 'Composition in Two Colours' I have used the idea that the structure of a musical piece is the same as the structure of a work of art.
The main visual theme in this mural is represented by two large curved forms. These forms, which function like the main theme in a symphony, are shown openly just once. Otherwise, when they are repeated, the curves are half hidden or only suggested by fragments. This way of handling the major forms is analogous to the way that themes are varied and transformed in many musical compositions.
Interlaced with the curves and providing a supporting structure for them are converging and diverging bands of different colours. These bands represent musical chords and secondary themes. In both the major shapes and the supporting forms, the strength of the colours function to bring the qualities of loudness and softness to the design. Pale tones represent pianissimo sounds, while the bright tones are forte.
Scattered over the surface of the mural are rhythmically placed dots. These represent the single notes which appear as dots in musical notation. In music, a series of notes creates the theme and combinations of notes become chords. Likewise, in the visual arts, dots are the basic elements of line and fields of colour. Both in music and in the visual arts, isolated points of colour and sound bring the composition to life.


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